Who we are

Modern Oasis is an Architecture and Design firm from Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are associated with and built on the design philosophy of internationally renowned architect Charles R. Stinson.  

Modern Oasis focuses on modern residential homes and architectural products. We hold to a belief that everyone deserves to live beautifully. We are working to make high-end modern residential architecture more accessible, to simplify the process of designing and building modern homes, and to intelligently building with innovative, cost effective and environmentally responsible systems and practices.  


What’s in a name?

Modern Oasis:
Being “Modern”:  Being open to, and internalizing the best of where we have been, where we are, and possessing an unabashed enthusiasm for where we can go… and maybe most importantly, making the choice to go there.

An “Oasis”:  A place that is both intimate and private, self contained, life-giving and nourishing but not isolated or walled off from the world.  An oasis has an abundance of what is required to live, freeing a person to focus on what is important to them.


what we do

Intelligently merge the strengths of innovative building technologies with the warm modern design of Charles Stinson homes. The results are a beautiful, high quality, and high value option for the modern home buyer, builder, and developer.



Modern Oasis homes are a composition of space, light and warmth.
They are open and flowing, unobtrusive and essential. Our homes are thoughtfully designed, beautiful and comfortable. Warmth, quality and practicality are designed into every surface, every view, every detail, inside and out.



Modern Oasis combines local and regional design, architecture, builders and construction methods developed for the unique challenges and diverse thermo conditions of the Midwest.  Because we are starting with extreme and varied conditions, we are designing and building a platform ready for reapplication across geographies and to programs ranging from high end, custom single family, to well appointed, repeatable multi-family.  

Our Versatile Platform, Thoughtful Modern Design, and Intelligent use of cutting edge building technology combine to create better homes for occupants, better value for buyers and a better products for developers while doing our part to move the building industry forward.